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Bird Cage 61" Large - Parrot Finch Cage Supplies w/ Removable Part

Looking for a spacious and well-built cage for your bird?

Look no further than the Bird Cage 61" Large!

This premium quality cage offers plenty of space for your feathered friend to move around, with a sturdy mesh structure that prevents escape.

The lower removable grate makes cleaning easy, while the four rolling casters allow you to move the cage around with ease.

There's also an exterior wooden perch for entertainment and an interior wooden perch for exercise, plus a flip lock for easy access and secure closure.

The strong metal wire bars are big enough to deter even the most curious of birds, and the tall stand is perfect for placing the cage in a higher location where birds love to stay.

Bird Cage 61" Large Specifications:

* Material: iron

* Cage Size: 45.8 x45.5 x83.5 cm / 18 x17.9 x32.9inch (L x W x H)

* Total Size: 65 x65 x154 cm / 25.6 x25.6 x61inch (L x W x H)

* Door Size: 43 x 22.5 cm / 16.9 x 8.8inch (L x W x H)

* Bar Spacing: 1.2cm / 0.5inch

* Two Small Bowl Diameters :10cm / 3.9inch

* Two Large Bowl Diameters :10.5cm / 4.1inch

* Base Tray Size: 43 x 39 cm / 16.9 x 15.4 inch

* Weight: 21.50 kg / 47.4 LBs

* Color : Black

Package includes:
1 x Large cage
1 x Ladder
2 x removable top / bottom slide-out trays
4 x Stainless Steel Cups
2 x Perches
1 x screw driver Screws

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