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Candle Making Kit - Wicks, Soy Wax Flakes, Fragrance Oil 16 Color Dyes

Looking for a fun and creative way to spend your free time?

Look no further than this Candle Making Kit! 

With high-quality soy wax, fragrant scented oils, and your choice of 16 different colors, you can create beautiful, scented candles that are uniquely your own.

EXCLUSIVE to this kit is 16 dye blocks, so you can mix and match colors to create custom combinations.

This complete kit comes with everything you need to get started, including wicks, soy wax flakes, fragrance oil, and 16 color dyes.

Plus, our step-by-step candle-making instructions make it easy for anyone to create beautiful candles at home.

Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, this is the perfect way to add some personal touches to your home décor.

With our Candle Making Kit, you can fill your space with pure light, rich scents, and bright colors – all of your own creation!

Add your own scents and designs for a unique experience.

This is the perfect gift for the crafty person in your life, or for anyone who loves to relax and enjoy themselves.

Don't miss out on this fantastic opportunity to get crafty - order your Candle Making Kit today!

Candle Making Kit Set Includes:

* 4 Soy Wax Candles Supplies
* Candle making thermometer
* Pouring pitcher – use this metal pouring pot to pour melted wax into the candle tins
* 3 silicone finger protectors – finger guards keep you safe when handling hot wax
* 2 lb. soy wax flakes – 4 bags included, 8 oz. each
* 16 dye blocks in rich, beautiful colors
* 2 round candle tins with lids – 8 oz. each
* 2 square candle tins with lids – 8 oz. each
* 4 candle fragrance oils – with rich, appealing scents
* 4 cotton candle wicks
* 4 glue dots – use these candle wick stickers to attach the wick to the candle tin
* 4 stirring sticks
* 4 Wooden and 1 Metal bow tie clips – use this candlewick centering device to secure the candle wicks
* Step-by-Step Guide easy to read and follow instructions
* 4 warning labels
* 1 Round Silicone Trivet! To protect your table or countertop

Get Your Candle Making Kit- Wicks, Soy Wax Flakes, Fragrance Oil, 16 Color Dyes Today!


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