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Seam Ripper Stitch Sewing Thread Remover - Sewing Craft - 4 Pcs

Looking for a seam ripper that will make quick work of your sewing projects?

Try our Stitch Sewing Thread Remover!

This handy tool comes in a set of 4 pieces, with each one sporting a sharp steel blade and plastic handle.

The stitch unpickers are also color-coded, so you can quickly grab the right one for the job.

And they're affordable enough to buy in bulk, so you'll never be caught without one when you need it.

So don't go another day struggling with stubborn seams and hems—try our Stitch Sewing Thread Remover today!

Seam Ripper Stitch Sewing Thread Remover Specifications:

* Material of seam ripper: plastic and steel.

* Length: approx. 5-3/5-inch

* Stitch thread unpickers Quantity:4 pieces

* Assorted colors

* Crafting unpicker with a cover: each stitch thread unpicker has a cover with it, and you can cover the unpicker when you do not need to use it

Package Includes:

4 Pcs Seam Ripper Stitch Sewing Thread Remover- Sewing Craft

Get Your Seam Ripper Stitch Sewing Thread Remover Today!

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